Physical therapy for people diagnosed with HSP


HSP'ers constantly have to deal with maintaining the capacities of what their body can do. Excessive physical activity can lead to fatigue, an enhanced spasticity and to general aching all over. Conversely, a lack of activity leads to muscles and tendons retraction, loss of muscular mass and, finally, to inability to work the muscles. In brief, HSP'ers have to exercise not too much, not too little:  a real tricky job!

Thus to get fit and in better shape, besides the regular physiotherapy that we must continue, each individual must choose physical activity in accordance with their current abilities. That requires a clear understanding of willpower and limits.

EURO-HSP, the European HSP Federation of National Associations, herein proposes to share experience of what has worked at various local levels. From these proposals, each HSP'er can choose what fits best. A summary of all these experiences is being compiled by EURO-HSP right now. It will be available here in a few months.

French suggestions

Danish suggestions

The Netherlands
Dutch suggestions - in Dutch

Orlando Physical Therapy

This vlogger is a Neurological Physical Therapist. She focuses on people who've had a stroke but many ideas apply to us. Here is the link to her channel. Please be aware that this is not an endorsement. You might find some of the information helpful. Peruse at your own discretion.

Bob and Brad

Bob and Brad are 2 of the most famous (in their own opinion!) physical therapists on youtube. Again, this is not an endorsement. You might find some of the information helpful