International HSP group leader meeting 2015

International HSP Group Leader meeting 2015

The meeting took place at Farmaindustria, Calle de Molina 54, 7º Madrid, on June 1-2.



Frank McKeown, President of HSP Research Foundation, Australia
Frank Davis, President of SP Foundation, USA
Ian Bennett, Chairman of the HSP Support Group, UK
Marina Zapparoli Manzoni, Vice-chairman of the Italian HSP association + Tomas and Pasquale
Marcos Guadalupe Villanueva, Vice-president of the Spanish HSP association + Fina and Paco
Jean Bénard, Vice-president of the French HSP association + Laurence
Martin Ott, delegate from the Swiss HSP association + Cornelie
Hermien Remmelink, delegate from the Dutch HSP association + Peter
Dorthe Lykke, Chairman of the Danish HSP association + Charlotte Olesen, Vice-chairman
Rob Camp, faciliator and chair of the meeting

Dr. Rebecca Schüle, Center for Neurology, University of Tübingen & University of Miami, Florida